Industrial safety

промышленная безопасность




Who requires assessment of industrial safety?

промышленная безопасность
Use of various technologies, tools, materials, mechanisms, and equipment must comply with rules of industrial safety. Equipment and technical tools, which were used for a normed service terms on a company, should be regularly tested. Such tests are required to ensure labor safety and safe conditions of employees’ labor. Assessment of industrial safety is regulated by statutes, namely by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On civil defense” dated 11.04.2014 No. 188.

Industrial safety assessment allows finding out whether the subject of assessment complies with all norms and requirements of safe use, which are stipulated by the norms of industrial safety. The procedure is required to obtain a license to use technologies, technical equipment, materials, which are used on dangerous industrial objects, and dangerous technical equipment. Permits to use are issued by a competent authority in sphere of industrial safety of the Committee of industrial development and industrial safety of the Ministry of investments and development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The following entitles should be subjected to industry safety assessment:
1) dangerous technical equipment;
2) technologies, technical equipment, materials, which are used on dangerous industrial objects, except for construction materials, which are used on dangerous industrial objects;
3) declaration of industrial safety for a dangerous industrial object;
4) industrial building and processing facilities of dangerous industrial objects;
5) legal entitles for compliance with certain activities and requirements of industry safety at obtaining certificate;
Industrial safety assessment is conducted by attested companies independent of the applicant company at the expense of the applicant company.
The result of industrial safety assessment is an expert report.

Industrial safety assessment in Kazakhstan is a mandatory procedure and is governed by state norms and rules in sphere of warranting of industrial safety. All equipment, which is used on dangerous companies, must be assessed.

Developing declaration of industrial safety

охрана труда на предприятии
Under the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, all dangerous industrial objects meeting the requirements for assignment of dangerous industrial objects as dangerous ones, which are approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, should be subject to mandatory declaration of industrial safety. The document should contain description of volumes and characters of all possible industrial emergencies and recommended actions to prevent and mitigate them.

The declaration is developed to confirm provisioning required level of work place safety and occupational security compliance. As a rule, the declaration lists data on main danger sources and data on level of expertise on how to mitigate such situations in the company. Such technical documentation must be subject to expert review, which assesses its compliance with legal requirements.

In some exceptional cases the company requires developing an additional declaration. For example, this can be caused by change in conditions impacting warranty of industry security, upgrade or conversion of an industrial facility, an order of inspection body which might detect irregularities between declared and factual data.

The following data are mandatory parts of the document:

  • analysis of accident risk
  • dangers of accident conditions
  • analysis of measures taken to mitigate dangerous situations
  • measures in preparation for containment of accident and its consequences
  • list of measures to decrease scale of potential accidents and damages caused by them

Declaration is developed in three stages:

  • Developing materials of declaration. This is a separate chapter of documents along the whole project. It should mandatorily be present in documents for facility construction, reconstruction, extension, overhaul, conservation, liquidation, upgrade, and refurbishment.
  • Independent assessment. This stage is aimed at detection of irregularities between requirements of Kazakhstan legislation in industrial safety and actual circumstances, as well as at checking whether potential risks are assessed properly.
  • Approval of expert report. Once declaration is approved by the company CEO, it is registered in the Committee of industrial development and industrial safety of the Ministry of investments and development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Under the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, developed technical documentation must be subject to mandatory assessment. Such assessment can be performed by any company which possesses the corresponding license. Our company can perform assessments and checkups of industrial facilities within shortest terms. We are licensed to perform these activities by the Committee of industrial development and industrial safety of the Ministry of investments and development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


организация охраны труда на предприятии
Inspection and diagnostics of equipment Is performed to determine state of equipment. It is performed either once the period of defectless work is complete or once lifetime of the equipment is over, as well as when defects or failures are found or following failures.

The company performs inspection and diagnostics of the following types of tools and equipment:

  • expert inspection of lifting cranes, structures and devices
  • pipelines with steam and hot water
  • steam generators
  • gas systems
  • equipment installed in fire- and explosion-hazardous and chemical facilities
  • vessel diagnostics
  • pressurized vessel diagnostics

Nondestructive testing is controlling and assessment of parameters and features of equipment and facilities or separate tools without bringing them out of service (work). The main feature and implicit advantage of nondestructive control compared to other diagnostic method is an opportunity to check parameters and working properties of the unit by applying methods of control which do not require complete stop of the whole system, removing, and sampling. The diagnostics is carries out directly during exploiting the system. Such diagnostics in part decreases material and time costs and increases reliability of the unit being tested.
Thanks to nondestructive testing dangerous and small defects can be found:
manufacturing defects, internal stresses, cracks, micropores, voids, layers, inclusions, etc., including those caused by corrosion processes. We use the following methods of nondestructive testing to control conditions of tools:

  • Visual and dimension control; ultrasound hardness and thickness measuring
    Vacuum method: finding through defects (splits, cracks. etc.)
    Magnetic particle method: detecting surface and subsurface defects
    Capillary method: detecting surface and through defects/li>

Our company has accredited special laboratory. Ken Aydan LLP is accredited in the Accreditation system of the Republic of Kazakhstan for compliance with requirements of GOST ISO IEC 17025-2009 “General requirements to competency of testing and calibration laboratories”. Accreditation certificate No. KZ.Т.13.1902.
We are also able to test fire and evacuation ladders, safety belts and harness. During our work we approved to be a reliable partner who always delivers in time.
Industrial facilities and living building must have special constructions to ensure fire safety. Stationary fire ladders, which must be kept in due state, are used for safe and united access to the building for firefighting and emergency response teams if fire outbreak or smoke is detected and for evacuation of people and employees who are inside the building. Testing fire ladders and fences is an integral part of ensuring proper state of any equipment, because they are often used not only to ensure fire safety, but also to perform a variety of technical maintenance works on the building.