аттестация рабочих мест

Our company has accredited test laboratory. Ken Aydan LLP is accredited in the Accreditation system of the Republic of Kazakhstan for compliance with requirements of GOST ISO IEC 17025-2009 “General requirements to competency of testing and calibration laboratories”. Accreditation certificate No. KZ.Т.13.1902.

workplace labor conditions compliance certification

NOTION OF workplace labor conditions compliance certification

An employer must, under the requirements of the Labor Code, observe work conditions of their employees and eliminate existing violations or try to decrease them. A set of activities which are performed to do so is called “workplace compliance certification”.
Workplace compliance certification permits to assess work conditions of company employees at their temporal and constant workplaces. It is done in order to find out dangerous or hazardous factors at workplaces and to compare actual work conditions and state requirements. Legal norms for work place certification procedures are stipulated by article 37 of the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

This procedure is mandatory for all employers without exception. Managers за companies and trade unions are responsible for carrying out certification by authorized personnel or third-party companies which have corresponding qualifications and certifications.
Subject of assessment is hazardous and dangerous for health and life factors such as industry, accident rate, performance of equipment, mechanisms, and tools. The certification detects presence of hazardous and dangerous for health and life factors, assesses status of employee’s work place, labor conditions, particularly, its intensity and severity. As a result, employer is able to set tasks on elimination of found errors and deficits, to put in order labor condition in employees according to norms and rules.

Since certification is carried out in strict accordance with rules and norms, non-compliance and violations is administrative offence, which might result in penalties. The certification might be performed by company personnel provided that they have required authorizations or third-party companies which have corresponding license.

We provide such service as workplace labor conditions compliance certification according to requirements of acting legislation of Kazakhstan. Our specialists possess the required licenses and have relevant experience.

Procedure of certification

The periodicity of certification are set by the company based on labor conditions but no less than once per five years. Unscheduled certificated might be conducted in the following cases:

  • reconstruction of company
  • upgrade of company
  • installation of new equipment on work places

Workplace labor conditions compliance certification can be divided into several phases. First, actual values of dangerous and hazardous factors on workplaces and in general work zone are measured, including the following:

  • noise levels in the working zone
  • light levels in the workplace
  • vibration levels
  • microclimate
  • air in working zone
  • electrical and electrostatical intensity
  • gamma radiation

The second phase involves assessment of labor conditions, workload, and labor intensity for employers. Workplace labor conditions compliance certification considers accident rate on work places and analyses the level of safety of equipment, tools, facilities, and devices. Labor conditions and labor intensity are assessed based on these data. Another point in the certification is checking level of fitting of the company with personal and collective protection equipment — gas masks, respirators, fire extinguishers, etc.

Procedure of certification is described as follows:

  • measuring physical factors of working environment
  • assessment of hardness and intensity of labor using questionnaires, work flow observation, and comparison of internal conduct codes with actual circumstances
  • assessment of injury safety of work places of company employees
  • assessment of applicability, enforceability, and efficiency of existing documents
  • developing preliminary report
  • preliminary report allows management to get acquainted with all found errors and violations. If some of them are minor and can be fixed in a short time, managers have the right to request report review
  • final documents is prepared and submitted to the managers following error elimination

All these activities permit for optimizing work process, making it compatible with legal requirements, and improving employees’ productivity.

Advantages of workplace compliance certification

Workplace compliance certification in Kazakhstan has a range of advantages which improve workflow management:

  • Meeting requirements of the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Possibility to make sure that factual circumstances comply with law requirements
  • Possibility to assess objectively negative impact of equipment and to choose ways to optimize workflow resulting in decrease in risk of injures and occupation diseases
  • Possibility to decrease and prevent spendings on compensations on accidents, casualties or developing occupation diseases in employees
  • Possibility to develop new directions of work and to enhance labor safety system at the company
  • Possibility to enhance loyalty in regulatory agencies, nonprofit organizations, and employees themselves
  • Work places certification might decrease losses to pay out fines, losses to pay compensate for consequences of emergencies, casualties and other incidence which are connected to impact of physical factors
  • Possibility to have an advantage during tenders and contests
  • Possibility to improve image of company

Process of certification

All parameters needed to analyze conditions on work places are measured at specific conditions and based on measurements including physical, psychophysiological, and chemical indices. In order to assess impact of a factor on person, it is required to take into account its impact on the person during the day. The measurement values are registered in a protocol. The main document for certifying command is “Sanytary norms and rules for workplace hygiene in industry” and “Hygiene criteria of assessment and classification of labor”.

Air is sampled in breathing zones at temporal and constant work places. Microclimate parameters are measured at the same time with sampling air for harmful substances. Three samples are taken with maximal value being registered in the protocol. All measuring tools, which are used for measurements, must pass mandatory state verification.

Work place certification in Kazakhstan includes analyses of injury rates and injury prevention for tools and equipment. The analysis is based on number of injured during last five years. To assess injury safety of tools and equipment they are checked against technical passports and regulations, which regulate their use. At the same time, presence of personal and collective protection equipment and compliance with working conditions is assessed. The criterion assessment is based on norms on complimentary give away of personal protection equipment, special clothes and shoes, etc. to all employees.

Ventilation systems must be obligatorily rated and further controlled under conditions of GOST and Methodological notions approved by the Chief sanitary inspector of Kazakhstan. Class of labor risk is calculated for every industrial facility.

Destination of certification results

Once certification is complete, its results are documented as a single final report and submitted to the company managers. Next, they can be used:

  • to improve work conditions and labor safety
  • to comply with norms, acts, and rules for work places
  • to assess conditions of process environment and labor safety
  • to determine number of personnel who have personal and collective protection equipment
  • to acknowledge fact of work in adverse conditions and to confirm link between work conditions and illness
  • to change work technology and (or) to close the company due to adverse working conditions
  • to determine insurance rate for possible compensation of physical injures of personnel
  • to justify salaries and to provide benefits to employees
  • to inform employees, general public and control authorities on labor conditions

Work place certification must be conducted by experienced and high qualified personnel. We’ll be happy to help you in conducting certification taking specifics of the company into consideration.