разработка плана гражданской обороны и плана эвакуации

Civil defense plans determines the procedure, organization, order, ways and terms of the civil defense measures and emergency response. This article represents structures and contents of civil defense plans of an organization (enterprise, institution) defined and undefined by specific categories of civil defense.

According to Article 21 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On civil protection” of 11.04.2014 N 188-IV companies develop civil defense plans within limits of their powers and in the order established by the law and other regulation acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

  • plan and manage civil defense measures;
  • organize measures on supporting their activities in war time;
  • teach their employees in civil defense;
  • establish and store with purposes of civil defense stores of material, technical, food, medical, and other disaster facilities

All listed measures are subject to planning. Therefore, civil defense plan of a company is a founding document in civil defense for any company. We understand that type and contents of the civil defense plan will depend on type and size of the company (enterprise or institution), goals set in case of war activity or emergency, peculiarities of the production activity and its role in state economy or impact on civil safety. These factors should be taken into consideration in classifying a company by civil defense categories.