Enterprise security and labor safety
Labor safety arrangements on enterprises
Enterprise labor safety in Kazakhstan
Labor safety management on enterprises

Enterprise security and labor safety

The employer is fully responsible for control over meeting the requirements of the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Point 2 of article 201 of the Code deals with meeting the requirements on occupational safety and security and taking measures to mitigate the violations detected.

Labor safety control on any company includes:

  • establishing system of labor safety management and implementing it in working process
  • control over meeting requirements for labor safety conditions
  • analyzing labor conditions
  • risk assessment and taking measures to prevent them

The company management’s responsibilities include establishing labor safety division or introducing office of the corresponding specialist. It is the employer who must secure safe labor conditions and protection of life and health for all employees. These responsibilities are governed by the laws. Therefore, the management must:

  • approve new and review existing rules of labor safety and security
  • control execution norms and requirements of the Labor Code
  • manage prophylactic medical examinations
  • manage insurance of employees
  • make account and investigate emergencies
  • conduct timely trainings, briefings, assessments of employees on issues of labor protection
  • conduct timely prophylaxis, research, exchange and upgrades of the equipment
  • ensure every employee have enough items of personal and collective protection equipment
  • ensure safety of industrial facilities according to work conditions

Every company employee has the right for a safe working place which is equipped to meet all standards, but the law imposes a liability to comply with labor safety rules. Any inconsistencies, breakages, violations, accidents, and illnesses must be reported to the employer. All conditions stipulated by labor contract should agree with actual circumstances.

Labor safety arrangements on enterprises

Every existing industrial sphere is governed by the Single departmental system of labor safety management. Correspondingly, every company must have its own occupational safety and health division. Its main responsibility is to secure safe labor conditions on working places.

Their responsibilities also include:

    • enhancing existing rules of labor safety management within the company


  • performing tests and briefings as well as regular safety meet-ups
  • participation in investigations of accidents
  • participation in developing accident prevention plans, instructions, and safety measures within the company
  • controlling the work on labor safety and supporting safe working conditions


If the company is unable to support work of labor safety department, its tasks can be performed by a third party. For example, our company provides services on controlling labor safety and complying with legislation provisions. Our services include:

  • Facility labor conditions compliance certification
  • Research center
  • Equipment testing
  • Control over conditions of production tools
  • Laboratory and tool measurements on workplaces
  • Industrial safety review

We know that any incompatibilities with law provisions and company-specific rules of occupational health and safety may lead to causalities, emergencies, illnesses and other damages to employees’ health and life. Our company pays special attention on detection of violations and offers to develop roadmap with recommendations how to correct them.

Enterprise labor safety in Kazakhstan

The Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan provides for safe and adequate labor conditions. This, however, does not imply that the Code is the only document which regulates labor relations. Apart from it, there are many laws, regulations, and internal rules, which are also involved in the system. Control over labor conditions is performed both at state and regional level.

Health and safe labor conditions are warranted by laws of the RoK for all employees irrespectively of ownership of the company. The employer is fully and directly responsible for controlling state of the labor protection and prophylactic measures. The governing bodies provide constant practical, methodological, and informational aid.

Labor safety management ON ENTERPRISES

The main body is still the government. The Labor Code provides with main laws and basis which form fundamentals for more specialized rules and regulations. Labor safety is a state of workers protection, which is assured by a set of measures, excluding impact of adverse and (or) dangerous industrial factors on workers during activities;

Any breach of set norms and conditions is a misbalance in general system. Even small waivers of rules may result in damage of property and equipment or decrease in capacity to work, and may be a factor in severe damages. In order to avoid such situations, it is required to conduct briefings, tests, work audits, and performance assessments on time.

Our company can render services of control over labor safety performance. What will our service result in?

  • assuredness in legislation compliance of real circumstances in the company
  • peace of mind during inspections of authorities and controlling bodies
  • safety of work processes
  • assuredness in safety and correct work of tools and equipment
  • possibility to set legally justified salaries, benefits, working conditions, additional payments and insurance premiums

We employ highly qualified professionals and our experience and qualification can be confirmed by many certificates.